Design & Development

Logo Design
Great Brands are made by great logo designs and great Logo designs are born from great insights and understanding. Our team of professionals can cover these deep insights. They unfold the business process, they translate brand insights into thoughtful yet distinctive and compelling brand Logo. Australia is a country where brand plays an important role. People look towards good brands to do their job for them and good brands are identified by their branding Logo. We are situated in Australia offering outstanding services Gemini Infotech is dedicated towards providing clients with its team of outstanding designers to get their Logo designs speak out the brand value of their firm. We are one of the most experienced branding service providers situated in Australia and offering service all around Australia.
Brochure Design
A company brochure will enable you to reach those who don't have access to the internet. It sounds crazy, but there are still people who would prefer to see a brochure. A brochure is a hard copy your potential client can take away with them. Use them to as support for a sales pitch, hand out at a trade show or informative reading material. Our brochures and advertising campaigns have proved to be very successful for our clients. Australians love to have brochures with them as they can use it frequently to view the services offered to them by you. Gemini Infotech is an expert in delivering visual ready content in brochures, our brochures are made by specialist who are experienced in making brochures and only brochures they can give out all your company offers in a single brochure.
Graphic designing
Not all graphic design services are done equally. Our graphic design services stand unique among the crowd as they bend the graphic design to work with satisfaction guarantee. We offer unsurpassed graphic design services that assist in taking your marketing to your next level with our innovative ideas. Being placed in Australia we understand the mentality and taste of its citizen. Thus our team of highly trained designers can work towards satisfying your needs as well as attracting other customers to your web design. Gemini Infotech is a firm that can work flexible to its customer’s requirements and complete the task in a given time at affordable cost without sacrificing quality.
Responsive Website Development
Designing is not merely about your manager’s much loved color, animated GIFs or the LOGO unit placement. It’s about how well your website interacts with your visitors. We understand that these days, it’s not about how your website’s design looks, but how it interacts with the visitors. We are committed to design responsive websites that not only look impressive but also give out functional purposes. Australia is a country where mobile users are over flowing, this is the place where searches in mobiles occur frequent and having a responsive website in places like this can be a big boost to your business. Who needs to look for Responsive Websites?
  • If you’re having customers who tend to spend lots of time on their mobile.
  • If you’re an e-commerce firm and need a website that loads fast in mobiles then you need a responsive website.
  • Is it really essential to change to Responsive websites?
  • 80% of internet users have their own gadget or smart phone
  • 70% of searches are made on mobile phones
  • 40% of people deny a website if it is not mobile friendly
  • 9 out of 10% of the online purchase is done through mobile devices
  • iOS App Development
    Even though there are very less iPhone users in Australia. It is still a large market and iphone app creators are very rare. Our team of iPhone app builders can build the perfect app to market your business online using your own customized iPhone app. Australia is a place where you can get a lot of premium customers, premium customers tend to use premium phones like Apple iPhone, having an app to those will inspire them about your business level. Gemini Infotech is dedicated to providing custom iOS apps to customers as well as follow up and provide world class support to them 24X7.
    E-commerce Development
    We focus on shopper to ensure that, they stay satisfied and engaged throughout the buying process. Customers normally like one page check outs, hence forth we advise our team to build sites with one click check outs and also include online booking forms, order management, marketing promotions, measurements and reporting. Australia is one of the places that is growing very fast in terms of E-commerce, it will be a very good idea to jump into the E-commerce industry and adapt to the trend. Gemini Infotech can help you set up your own E-commerce website, not just an ordinary website our team can make it look stunning and interactive with the customers that it will make them do a lot of browsing on your website.
    Android App Development
    there was a research that showed that there were more android phones in usage than iOS phones. If you’re someone who started an online business then you should probably be looking towards making an Android app for your website to improve the number of customers to your page and boost your business growth. Our team of Android developers are experts in giving out the best app in the market. Australia rapidly changing towards mobiles for all their shopping activities, having an Android app custom made is what you will need. Gemini Infotech Developers not only give best app in the market but they also develop unique custom app that will suit your needs as well as interact with the customer giving a very pleasant experience of shopping.

    Marketing & Promotional Services

    A website that does not appear in search results may not get enough attention. Our team of SEO analysts can help you get your website in the search results, with their skills of analysing and optimising contents to make it search engine friendly. Australian people search a lot using Google and if you’re not in those results then you might be neglected by your client. Gemini Infotech has a team of highly skilled SEO analyst who can make sure that you rank up in the search and reach your clients at the right time maintaining the level of your business without falling.
    Search engine marketing might be the best way to get customers to your website, starting a blog and earning from it might be just easy with our team of SEM analyst, who can draw you high PPC rates using Adwords integration. The PPC rate in Australia is so high that you can make a living out of it, PPC might sound easy to setup and run but it needs constant monitoring and maintenance of keywords to be done at the right time and scheduling of the post writing Ads to these key words. Gemini Infotech team can take care of this work while you keep on doing something that really matters to keep running your business
    Social Media Marketing
    Social media is a great way to reach customers. As everyone now-a-days have a social account and likely to spend the whole day in it, getting in touch with them has never been this easy. Our team of expert social marketers can figure out which people are your customers and get the stuff to them as soon as possible. Most of the people around Australia spend a lot of time in social media, as result marketing in social media is a key stuff for E-commerce people in Australia. Our team of well trained social media experts can help you in marketing your products in social media while you take care of running your business in the way you usually do.
    Facebook Marketing
    Facebook is a reliable platform to gather visitors to your website, with Facebook integrating product selling options in their platform it is very easy to sell your products. Our team of experts can help you market your products on Facebook. Gemini Infotech team is specially trained to target customers from Australia, with our team taking care of this marketing for you, you can venture peacefully and fully fledged towards the growing your business and taking to the next level.
    Video/Youtube promotion
    Are you a starting film maker? Posting videos on Youtube and not getting views? We can help you in promoting your videos and add subscription to your page with our team of analyst put to work. Gathering Australian visitors can be a painful task, since they have a different sense of taste to everything. Our expert team of Promoters understands your target audience’s taste and gets your video to them in no time, giving you the freedom of working on the production of your next video while we gather visitors to your uploaded content.
    Online Reputation management
    On venturing in to the online world there are places where you can easily build your reputation as well as easily mess up with your reputation, while Australia being a country that goes behind reputation having a bad impression about you in the internet is going to spread like forest fire affecting your business growth. Gemini Infotech has some intelligent minds in the ORM system who can develop solutions to your complicated reputation problems and have it solved within a few days keeping your business from losing its spot in the corporate world.
    Online Political campaign
    Political campaigns have taken a turn towards the digital stream as technology grows. Australia is a place where technology plays a keen role, with people adapting to new technologies not only the ad campaign by digital marketers also the campaigns by political parties have also came up to the internet. We can help political parties target all the people from Australia and help their propaganda reach the entire people at the right time. Gemini Infotech has a separate team of experts who are well trained to handle political campaigns and divert a huge traffic to those campaigns.
    Android App Promotion
    Getting you an android app is not the end of the world. You need to make your customers aware of your app and that involves promotion, which you have to spend ample time on. This might affect your normal business plans, that why we have our own team of android app marketers who can drive traffic to your android app and increasing the sales volume. Getting your app promoted in Australia needs some specific set of skills. Gemini Infotech promotion team is highly skilled in getting your Android app famous as they use search engine friendly techniques to make your app reach the right hands at the right time maintain organic search results on your android app.
    iOS App Promotion
    Diverging traffic to an application can be a pain taking task. Getting your apps marketed is as necessary as getting your website marketed. This type of marketing needs complete understanding of the digital world where and whom to approach. Our team of expert marketers can take care of this promotion tasks ensuring that you get all the traffic you will need. Australia may be in short of iPhone users now, the numbers are promising to grow in the later days. Our team of experts are very good in handling iOS apps as they got through knowledge on the entire iOS market place and how searches are made in that market place.

    Hire Dedicated Human Resource

    PHP Developer
    We have well experienced PHP developers who can work effectively in onsite work areas, our PHP developers can take up any task related to the field of work and complete it in no-time. Australia is a country that is developing so fast in the field of web developing and you might want to hire a huge number of developers to keep up with the projects in hand, this can be a heavy investment. Gemini Infotech has many PHP developers who can be hired for a short period of time to work dedicated towards completing your project alone.
    Wordpress Developers
    Wordpress is an open source web application that can help you develop any website from blogs to e-commerce. The wordpress sites are getting very famous in Australia as they are easy to post and edit contents. Getting wordpress developers in Australia is highly costly. Gemini Infotech has a huge team of wordpress developers who can work in any project worldwide dedicated towards achieving the goal of the project in short time as possible as well as at affordable rates.
    Digital Marketing Executive
    Australia is a place that needs good marketing, good digital marketers are very hard to find and they charge very high. Particularly if you’re working on a short term projects hiring experts to do a particular job for a short term project is highly costly. Gemini Infotech provides experts who can work on your project for a short period of a time according to a contract dedicated and fully fledged towards your targets at the affordable rates.
    Mobile App Developers
    With the increase of mobile users having a mobile app linked to your website is very easy to convert your visitors into customers. Getting experts to perform a task for a short period can highly costly as you cannot hire an expert for a short small project and getting a developer in Australia is not only costly but also extremely difficult. Gemini Infotech has a team of experts who are ready to work in your projects at the affordable cost to a short period of time according to the contract.
    Graphic Designer
    Graphic Designers are people who create something out of nothing, they are highly creative people and are very few in number. A good graphic designer is hard to find and them deserve good payments. Hiring a graphic designer so that you can just work on one or two projects is very costly. Australia is a place where talents get admired and recruited this means getting a talented designer to finish your project is hard. Gemini Infotech has team of expert graphic designers who can show off extreme talents and they can work dedicated towards the completion of your project only to a short period of time.
    Content Writer
    A website without any content is just like an empty answer sheet, content is what that drives traffic to your website it is also the one that creates engagement to the website, thereby making money. Our team of content writers can deliver world class contents for your website, with recent announcement of Google telling that content is the king, hiring expert content writers for a short period is highly costly especially in Australia. Gemini Infotech provides expert content writer on contract basis, that they could work on your project alone to a short period of time that too at an affordable cost saving you a fortune of money, still delivering the expert quality.

    Cloud Solutions (g)

    G-Suite cloud
    G-suite is the official business management platform, the G-suite cloud has all the essential apps that you will need to run your business. If you don’t have any experience in handling G-suite before then it’s not a problem, as we take care of everything so that you can focus on your business peacefully. Gemini Infotech has a long time experience in handling G-suite, with our services designed especially to the people of Australia we excel in what we offer the best. Our team has specially designed the G-suite services to fit the need of the Australian customers.
    Google cloud platform
    Google cloud platform is the cloud computing system offered by Google to host and create applications and websites. Australia has been recently venturing into cloud computing and if you don’t know how to register and use this service to your industry. Just let it to us our team of experts in Google cloud platform can take care of everything for you. Gemini Infotech has dedicated employees who can provide this service from registration to handling of every task using those services with customer satisfaction guaranteed.
    AWS cloud Solutions
    AWS cloud solutions is the solution offered by Amazon, it is a set of cloud computing services as like Google with minor differences. AWS has been a competitor to Google’s services in offering cloud computing, there is a whole range of services for Australian customer to choose from, if you’re not familiar with the services offered we have a team of experts in AWS solutions they can take care of your business activities involving the AWS services. Gemini Infotech has well trained employees who can handle the task with ease and provide customer support anytime while working.
    Max CDN
    Are you looking for a content delivery system? Then Max CDN is absolutely the best in the market, you can host your open source programs in the Max CDN and can deliver your content at times necessary. Max CDN can offer its services according to the requirements of Australian people with our customized services for Max CDN you can get your satisfaction guaranteed without any extra billing. Gemini Infotech has dedicated man power to provide 24x7 support to the services that you opt for, they can also work towards the achievement of customer satisfaction.